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– Starting Small –


Over the last 4 years, Carolita and I have been slowly transitioning our lives to greener living. At first it was hard. Cutting down on meat. Using less plastic. Choosing our purchases more carefully. We realized we are voting with our wallets and we want to make sure we’re voting what we believe.

As we got more serious about it, Carolita spent more and more time researching what we were buying, before we bought it. She put a lot of time into it. Suddenly, shopping wasn’t as easy as knowing what you wanted and finding a good price on it. Shopping was a research project.

For each product we consider buying, Carolita looks into many facets of the product and the company that made it. What are the ingredients? Where do the ingredients come from? Where is it manufactured and do they follow fair labor practices? How is it manufactured? What are the company’s policies on animal testing? Does that company try to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions? Do their products contribute to deforestation and habitat loss? We understand that not every company can follow each and every criteria we set, so we support companies that strive to be a responsible business in at least two or more areas.

Wild in the Forest

Living cruelty free is not as hard as it used to be.

Greener Living

We need to learn how to be benevolent caretakers of the Earth.

Minimize your impact

We need to live in balance with our planet's resources.

Consumption with a Conscience

We Want To Share That Research With You

Everyday changes make a difference. If everyone just makes small changes, it adds up to a huge impact! It’s not all or nothing, like you’re either a carnivore or you’re a vegan. Or you have zero carbon footprint or an enormous one. Just making small changes to how we shop, how we eat, and how we live can add up.

Carolita and I have been searching for ways to make a bigger difference. We create petitions, sign petitions, participate in protests and speak out on social media on the big issues facing our planet and its inhabitants. Carolita (aka CrtrGrl) is also an animal advocate and rescuer. Through Under Pressure Photography, I try to inspire protection and appreciation of the wilderness. But we know there is still more we can do.

We want to help others make a difference. Big Green Heart embodies our desire to help others make small changes toward greener living. We want to provide everyone with the benefits of the research we’ve done and ideas on how to make small changes to their lifestyle.



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- Starting Small -  Over the last 4 years, Carolita and I have been slowly transitioning our lives to greener living. At first it was hard. Cutting down on meat.…

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  • Amy says:

    You guys are such an inspiration and role models! I always wanted to be more like you, and now you made that easier for me with Big Green Heart! Small changes do add up and I will strive to be a part of the movement! Thanks for always reminding us about being kind to our planet!

  • Thanks so much Amy!! We totally appreciate your kind words and hope we can continue to be a part of your journey towards greener living!

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