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Hello Greenies!

We took a break from sharing green products with you because we decided we needed to tweak how we share our cruelty free lifestyle. Our goal is still to create a movement, a community of people who want to learn and can teach others the steps taken toward minimizing our impact on our planet. We just want to do this in a more personal manner.

Instead of showcasing sustainable and ethical products alone, we want to share our journey toward self-improvement. We want to share the pros & cons of the journey, give details on why we choose the products we do, at that moment. There will be times when we change our minds about these products too. We noticed that there is so much to learn as we continue on this lifestyle change. One moment, we think we’ve found a product that fits our standards, but later we discover that one of the ingredients causes harm or our standards evolve as we learn more. This could quickly become confusing to consumers, if we went with our original plan to start a business based on promoting products by themselves.

Examining ingredients
Honey bee on a flower

We want to learn from others that are on a similar journey. We want everyone’s experiences & knowledge shared with one another, without judgement. We’re all on the same positive path. Change isn’t easy, but as long as we embrace the challenges & we help one another, we can move forward in doing our part in helping our planet.

With all this being said, let’s build this cruelty free & green community together with our Big Green Hearts. You can be blunt here, but be respectful, even if we don’t agree with each other from time to time. Share as much, as many times as you’d like! We encourage it! Share your green finds, (products, recipes, apparel, personal journeys, etc.). The world is such a harsh place, so let’s build a cruelty free community where everyone can feel safe to be authentically you, but open to self-improvement each & every day. Let us all guide each other to a greener lifestyle.


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